I have had dramatic improvements in my overall health from holistic chiropractic care. Examples are improvements in a long-term chronic illness, allergies, spinal and neck pain. Dr. Guglielmo is an intelligent, caring doctor concerned with my overall health who gives excellent chiropractic care. I was walking to meet a friend the other day. She was walking behind me but did not recognize me. She exclaimed that my body seeemed so vigorous and youthful, she thought I was a much younger person! I am 65 years old and feel better now than I have for over thirty years. – Bonnie
Dr. Guglielmo is an exceptional healer with an extraordinary sense of compassion. I had had a chronic condition for two years in the trapezius muscle. Her treatment using the Graston Technique eliminated my pain in just two sessions. She is thorough and makes sure she has addressed all of your concerns before you leave her office. She listens with care and is patient in explaining what needs to be done. She is versatile in many techniques and is passionate about what she does. I feel very fortunate to be under her care. – Anahid
For years I have suffered with neck and shoulder pain. I have been seen by a few chiropractors with no relief or actual diagnosis. I got an adjustment and was sent on my way. Dr. Guglielmo treats the problem with a different approach rather than the traditional treatment. Dr. Guglielmo gets to the source of the pain and her technique alleviates my symptoms. – Laura
Dr. Guglielmo’s treatments are great. On the spine she puts a bit of pressure but at the end your treatment your spine feels great. On the neck it feels like paradise. If you need a chiropractor you should take Dr. G. She is the best chiropractor in the world. – Maththew (10 years old)

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