Common Questions

What is special about the chiropractic care I will receive at Living Well Holistic Health?

Dr. Guglielmo utilizes a unique, holistic approach in the care of her patients. She prides herself on the time and attention she provides, and will do what is necessary to make sure patients’ needs are met. Dr. Guglielmo immediately addresses the area of complaint, and also incorporates whole-body wellness techniques into treatments that enhance the well-being of her patients. Dr. Guglielmo utilizes traditional chiropractic adjustments when needed, but is well versed in a number of other therapeutic and treatment tools that help her address the cause of the pain as well as promote long-term wellness. These tools include, but are not limited to, the Graston Technique, Activator, Trigger Point Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Post Isometric Relaxation. Due to Dr. Guglielmo’s extensive background in various chiropractic technique she is able to create a tailored care plan for every patient based on their specific needs. What sets Dr. Guglielmo apart from the rest is not what she uses to treat, but how she works with patients to help them achieve a pain-free state, and ideally optimal health.

What can I expect from a visit?

The first visit to the office will be anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour depending upon the patient’s presentation. The patient will undergo a thorough consultation and examination, followed by a discussion of the findings and a first treatment session, unless diagnostic testing is immediately indicated. Patients are treated on the first visit. Follow-up treatments are anywhere from 15-30 minutes and often involve a combination of gentle spinal manipulations, muscle work, cranial work and active stretching. We at Living Well Holistic Health pride ourselves on the time we spend with patients and the attentive care we provide. Care is always patient-centered and patient-specific. Your needs as a patient come first.

How long can I expect to be under care?

Every case is as unique as the person that walks through our door. Some injuries need frequent care in the beginning in order to heal properly; others can be corrected in one or two visits. Beyond corrective care, at Living Well Holistic Health, patients have the option to explore wellness care. We give them the opportunity to optimize their health, feel great, prevent future injury and take a proactive role in their health care. Again, every individual is different, so wellness care for one person could require more frequent visits than for others. By no means do people have to undergo chiropractic care for the rest of their lives. However, once they experience the many benefits chiropractic has to offer, they often return to enhance their health and well-being for years to come.

What are my payment options?

Living Well Holistic Health does its best to help patients afford chiropractic care. Though we do not participate with insurance plans, we find that patients very often receive reimbursement payments from their insurance companies. We accept cash, checks, Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) cards and credit cards as forms of payment. Please feel free to contact the office with any specific questions.

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